As an artist I see the world in a different way than most people and I want people to see what I see. From enlargement of flowers, to the softness of the barn cat that lives on my small farm. I draw most of my inspiration from what is around me; the gardens, animals, people, landscapes and the adventures of my life. At times the my world becomes very abstract,  clouded by emotions or just zooming in for an extreme close up of a rock formation, a flower, or interesting textures.  Other times the playfulness of fantasy or surrealism take hold and become dream-like.  Art comes from the heart; technique comes from learned skills.

Let Go of the Ashes

15" x 20"

Colored pencil on Illustration Board


I am a member of Visual Arts Society of Texas (VAST), Colored Pencil Society of American(CPSA), National Art Education Association (NAEA) and Texas Art Education Association (TAEA). My work is also posted on the Prismacolor Website.  I have won numerous awards and exhibitions for my colored pencil paintings, watercolors and other works of art. 

I have also been invited to judge numerous competitions over the years.

I am a painter with my medium of choice being colored pencil.  I use it as both a drawing medium and a painting medium.  Colored pencil is one of the most versatile art mediums I have ever worked with.  It is compatible with almost every other media on the market.  As long as it has something to hang on to (tooth of the surface in which one creates), it works. It also is wonderful on its own, creating beautifully rendered works of art with incredible detail.  I also am fond of watercolor and acrylic painting media.  These work beautifully on their own as well as great with colored pencil.

I have been an Art teacher since 1985 teaching in public schools and private art lessons.  Art is something that I have done since I was a child.  We moved around the country quite a bit and it was something I could always take with me.

Roxanne Musick Artist